The Reckoning

Fifteen years ago Spencer Rawlings
left Michigan, and a three year law
practice, after discovering his father’s,
Judge Rawlings, involvement with a
murder cover-up for a well known
Detroit mob family, the VanWarner’s.
When he returns to Traverse City,
Michigan for his father’s funeral, he
finds himself deep in a mystery
involving his father, the VanWarner’s,
and a missing ten million dollars. As
Spence pieces together the clues to
find the money, he suddenly finds
himself on trial for murder, and
learning just how involved his father
was with the VanWarner’s. While
eluding the police to find the evidence
to clear his name, Spence may have
found the love he has been searching
for in Macy Merit; an avenger with a
strong military background and desire,
not only for Spence, but also to find
justice. A page turning unpredictable
mystery added with romance, The
Reckoning creates a compelling story
you will be unable to put down.
Death Watch

Macy Merit leaves Naval Special
Ops, after a bizarre mission goes
awry, to become “The Avenger.”
Her first case involves the death
of the director of the CDC. First
ruled a suicide, she uncovers
evidence that points to murder
when she stumbles upon a plot to
develop a biological weapon to
be used against civilians by high-
officials within our own
government. This takes her into
the world
of power and corruption that
reaches to the very top of our
political leaders.
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Bank Executive Josh Stephens
comes home to find his
murdered wife’s body alone in
their bedroom, just two years
after his daughter was
murdered; a case that was
never solved. Accused of
murder, he hires ace defense
attorney Adam Drake, a
recovering alcoholic with an
impeccable track record as a
defense attorney. Entangled in
the most difficult case of his
career, Drake enlists the help
of Macy Merit, an old
acquaintance, and Spencer
Rawlings to aid in the
investigation, after they drop in
unexpectedly on their way to
Myrtle Beach for vacation. Now
it’s a race against time and the
judicial system, as Macy,
Spence, and Drake navigate
their way through a maze of
evidence, witnesses, and
unsuspected twists and turns
on a mission to free their
client. Just as Macy and
Spence believe the case is
solved, everything changes,
promising an unforgettable
conclusion your mind will find
difficult to forget.